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The sequel to 12 Rules for Life offers further guidance on the periolus path of modern life.

In 12 Rules for Life, clinical psychologist and celebrated professor at Harvard and the University of Toronto Dr. Jordan B. Peterson helped millions of readers impose order on the chaos of their lives. Now, in this bold sequel, Peterson delivers twelve more lifesaving principles for resisting the exhausting toll that our desire to order the world inevitably takes.

In a time when the human will increasingly imposes itself over every sphere of life—from our social structures to our emotional states—Peterson warns that too much security is dangerous. What’s more, he offers strategies for overcoming the cultural, scientific, and psychological forces causing us to tend toward tyranny, and teaches us how to rely instead on our instinct to find meaning and purpose, even—and especially—when we find ourselves powerless.

While chaos, in excess, threatens us with instability and anxiety, unchecked order can petrify us into submission. Beyond Order provides a call to balance these two fundamental principles of reality itself, and guides us along the straight and narrow path that divides them.


“We live in a time when so many young (and not so young) people feel lost . . . Mr. Peterson talks about the attitudes that will help find the path. It is not a politically correct or officially approved path, but it is an intensely practical and yet heightened one: This life you’re living has meaning.”
—PEGGY NOONAN, Wall Street Journal

“Jordan Peterson is universally revered—and feared—for his incredible intellect and emotional insight.”
—DAVE RUBIN, host of The Rubin Report and author of Don’t Burn This Book

“The Peterson way is a harsh way, but it is an idealistic way—and for millions of young men, it turns out to be the perfect antidote to the cocktail of coddling and accusation in which they are raised.”
—DAVID BROOKS, New York Times

“The world needs Jordan Peterson.”
—DOUGLAS MURRAY, author of The Madness of Crowds

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