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A SciFi Romance

He’ll claim every inch of me until I belong completely to him.

He says I'm his.
He’s bought my contract.
Brought me to his world.
He expects certain things.
And he won’t take no for an answer.

I can already tell in his eyes.
How they covet me with each move I make.
He’s going to wrap his big, thick arms around me.
He’ll claim me as his in front of all his people.
Overpower me.
Overwhelm me.

I will lose myself in him.

Nothing of me will remain. It will all belong to him.
Everything I am. Everything I was.

Will be his.

Maru is the fourth book within the Bride to Beasts series set in the Athenaverse. It can be read as a standalone, but it shares the same universe that you’ve found in other books. This book features a romance of an alpha male alien warrior, a smart, sassy human woman. Expect to see characters you’ve come to love pop in during the story. No cheating and HEA guaranteed!

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    Maru Reviews


    LOVE CAN MAKE A HEROI received this book for free and am giving my honest and voluntary reviewMaru, an Alzhonian, meets Reina, a human companion and the sparks start to fly. A very spirited woman and ...

  • Nancy

    Maru is a spoiled, entitled, rich boy trying to make it through “boot camp”. His Sargent is Vyker, the drill sergeant from hell. Vyker seems to have is in for Maru, or so he thinks. Vyker dismisse...

  • JLH

    Spoiled brat meat conceited brat! Ding! Maru is very well-off. He is born into all this money and he claims it is his even though he has not on the dime. So his dad says hey you need to go to military...

  • Susan H Garris

    Maru and ReinaHe's rich but his controlling parents have him join the Alliance and he gets Vykor for a drill Sgt. He is single and has to live in the barracks which cuts into his partying and womanizi...


    They were well matched in determination and their love for each other!by sewsummoreMaru was the heir of the mega-rich Durzacorp, at his father's urging he joined the Alliance military as a cadet, but ...

  • Dora

    A rich, attractive and totally spoiled Alzhon playboy, that's how Maru was. This future leader of a multimillion-dollar dynasty, had his head full of smoke and it seems that not even the military trai...

  • Pat

    Told in alternating POV of Maru and Reina. Fourth book in a series but can be read as a standalone. Maru is from a wealthy family. He is in the military because his family thinks it will be good netwo...

  • S

    This is one of the cheesiest over the top books I have read in a while. Maru is a very entitled, selfish, boorish loud mouth that pretty much turned me off almost as soon as I started reading. Kept ex...

  • Caroline Doig

    This is the first book of the Brides to Beasts series that I’ve read even though it’s book 4 now I have to get the other books in this series I don’t know how I missed them because when Athena b...

  • Nicole

    What happens when two spoiled, entitled beings are thrown together? Maru is a partying rich boy going through military training. When his way of life is upset by his hard-as-nails instructor he takes ...