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A Remarkable Story of Courage and Friendship in WW II

"We were the dreamers of dreams, the singers of songs. We were the music makers. We would not hear nor play nor love without each other. This is a prelude to our experience, an overture to who we were and how we arrived on the shores of friendship."

Beginning in 1939 pre-war Prague, WHILE THE MUSIC PLAYED focuses on the story of young Max Mueller, a curious bright romantic—a budding musician, piano tuner, and nascent journalist. Max is on the cusp of adolescence and facing a rapidly changing world as the Nazi influence invades Prague's tolerant spirit with alarming speed, compromising those Max loves even as he struggles to understand. While his father, noted German conductor Viktor Mueller, is drafted into the German army and finds himself increasingly involved with Nazi propaganda; Viktor's best friend, noted Czech composer Hans Krása, protests the occupation in every way he can.

As everyone Max knows and loves chooses sides and accepts the consequences, he becomes increasingly isolated, and forced to find his own way. With each step, Max's journey grows more fraught until music is the one constant tying him to both the lost childhood he cherishes and the man he still hopes to become. But will it be enough to sustain him against the relentless Nazi threat?

With a seamless blend of historical and fictional characters, told from multiple points of view, and sweeping across the capitals of Prague, London, and Berlin as World War II ravages Europe, this meticulously researched book is unique with its diverse and interweaving narratives, threaded with news accounts, and including some of the most triumphant and devastating moments of the war—from the opera houses of Berlin to the music halls of London and the making of the famous children's opera Brundibár.

"WHILE THE MUSIC PLAYED is a lyrical, absorbing, and heart-breaking story of love and courage from the widely revered and best-selling author Nathaniel Lande

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  • Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader

    The historical facts where out of this world, researched so well. I was skeptical going in but soon after starting this book I was all in. I did find myself sad at times. But I had to keep reading.I w...

  • Annette

    The story starts in Prague in 1938 with a twelve year old Max. His family is not Jewish, but his father instilled in him respect for Jewish people as they made many contributions to people’s lives, ...

  • Jules

    While The Music Played by Nathaniel Lande is arguably one of the best works of historical fiction I have encountered. This novel treats the Nazi occupation from the perspective of our main characters ...

  • David Morgan

    What an exquisitely told historical fiction novel!. Starting in 1939 Prague and encompassing WWII and the rise of Nazism, young Max Mueller must navigate life and coming-of-age in the most dire of cir...

  • Sue

    This is a beautifully written, well researched novel about WWII told through the eyes of Max who is a teenager when the novel begins but becomes part of the resistance as the Nazi regime takes over hi...

  • Susan The Book Dragon Campton

    Hello My Fellow Book Dragons! Welcome to Throwback Thursday.This is quite beautiful, but disquieting. It is a piece of onyx cut in the shape of a musical note. It even gives off a distinct tone, but o...

  • Mirna Skuhan

    I got this book from NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review.After reading this book it took me nearly two months to write this review. My emotions were such a mess - I was sad, angry, happy, fr...

  • Zohar - ManOfLaBook.com

    For more reviews and bookish posts please visit: http://www.ManOfLaBook.comWhile the Music Played: A Remarkable Story of Courage and Friendship in WWII by Nathaniel Lande is a historical fiction book ...

  • Nora St Laurent

    This novel reminded me of “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak in that the story was seen through a young person’s eyes as they are trying to fit into a new family situation, survive and figure out ...

  • Sue

    Nathaniel Lande’s While the Music Played skillfully blends historical figures and fictional characters. Like several recent popular World War II novels, it introduces elements of the underground res...