Little Weirds

Little Weirds Review

Hello and welcome to my book. Inside you will find:

× The smell of honeysuckle

× Heartbreak

× A French-kissing rabbit

× A haunted house

× Death

× A vagina singing sad old songs

× Young geraniums in an ancient castle

× Birth

× A dog who appears in dreams as a spiritual guide

× Divorce

× Electromagnetic energy fields

× Emotional horniness

× The ghost of a sea captain

× And more

I hope you enjoy these little weirds.


Jenny Slate

Title:Little Weirds
Edition Language:English

Enjoy the book review !

    Little Weirds Reviews

  • emma

    while i was reading this, i had to stop for a moment, close it, put it down, take a breath, and whisper to myself: oh, my gosh. i love this so to come / 5 stars----------------i am 11 page...

  • ?Misericordia? ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~  ?????? ????

    The case of 'little weird' being a tad too weird. And that vagina was really singing. And dancing. Kidding.We start at 5 stars:-> (-1 star) The miraculous singing vagina.Q:I Died: The Sad Songs of My ...

  • Janday

    I read this book in one sitting, and was transformed. Yes, I had a transformative experience while in the middle seat of an American Airlines red-eye. This is nonfiction magical realism. Jenny is my w...

  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at: Looky looky – it’s the annual “Kelly Actually Posts a Review of a Book on #pubday” post!I don’t really know if Little Weirds wil...

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)

    Does anyone have a more distinct voice than Jenny Slate? This book of what I will call micro essays (micro memoir?) discuss a lot of topics from small observations, relationships and dating, silliness...

  • Portia

    LITTLE WEIRDS by Jenny Slate was a case of the book not living up to the beautiful cover.I’m a fan of Jenny Slate’s so I was really excited when a galley of her new book came in. And then I was so...

  • Fatma

    "Look! Look at this woman who is both the emergency and the relief. Let me be both (I have no choice.) Give in. Fall apart. Look at the pieces. Reassemble. This is the essential movement of my holy ...

  • Suzanne

    I want to be Jenny Slate’s best friend. Funny and entertaining read! Enjoyed reading this little book of essays so much. They were so amusing. The sandwich dream had me laughing. Just the thought of...

  • Courtney Toderash

    I already appreciated Jenny Slate. I had my ideal version of a night out seeing her perform a few years ago. I walked away from her stand up performance feeling light and airy and ready to act and hon...

  • Cortney

    Memoir? Poetry? Musings? Daydreams? Maybe a little bit of everything. It was amusing and weird. I felt like I was watching a one woman stage play....