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His little sister’s BFF has always been off limits to him… until she wasn’t

For nearly half her life, Odessa Calle has been in love with Hunter Cartwright.

The one hitch? He just so happens to be her best friend’s brother.

But when a trip to Ireland takes an unexpected turn, she risks it all to take a chance on her heart.

Tall, strong and alluringly sexy, Hunter Cartwright was never immune to his little sister’s BFF.

She was always off limits to him. At least until he finds himself alone with her in a country that’s as wild as it is beautiful.

A few hours of unbridled lust were all it took for her to claim him, heart and soul. What he does not know, however, is that their brief affair produced more than a mere night of passion.

As circumstances force them apart, will Odessa and Hunter ever find their way back to each other again? And what happens when he shows up on her doorstep a year later, only to realize that she’s been hiding a massive secret from him?

**** This is a standalone Novel with a touch of steam and HEA. ****

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    Best Friend Brother’s Baby Reviews

  • Laverne Brewster

    2.00 Stars. (BWWM). KUB #77. The female protagonist, Odessa Calle, ends her relationship with her live boyfriend because he lied to her and misled her to believe that they would marry an start a famil...

  • Alice

    A crush turns into real love!Hunter and Odessa's story did not start at the home going service of Hunter's mother however it did manifest itself resulting in the two of them becoming intimate. Misunde...

  • Elise

    Great readI knew I was going to like this book! But by the time I finished I fell in love with this book!! I know the book is about Odessa & Hunter but for me Alex stoled the show. Her character was s...

  • Natalie

    Best Friend Brother's BabyI laughed so hard when Odessa got caught with the baby and lied that it was a friend's baby she was watching. I couldn't believe she kept the secret so long, especially from ...

  • Carolyn Smith

    Boring. The only reason I completed the book was because I paid 99 cent. The only interesting chapter was the last, and I wasn't interesting.One star is the lowest rating I would give because the auth...

  • Peace Warden

    I do not like childishness in my black woman charactersI have noticed too many authors on this genre tend to write pseudo white women with black skin. Some of the dialogue of this book reflects that t...

  • Yvonne Daniels

    Heartwarming and EntertainingI really enjoyed the characters in this story , they are captivating and full of passion. This is a Magnificent story to read it has everything that I enjoy reading....

  • Selina Durio

    First read of this authorThis was my first time reading a book by this author. The story was well developed and the characters had an adequate amount of depth to add meat to the story....

  • Sonya

    This book is slower and sweeter- an unrequited love on both sides but never spoken about-the characters are passionate when they finally gave into their feelings but this is a sad and slower romance. ...

  • Sharon

    NiceIt started off kind of slow for me. I mean who goes all the way to Ireland a nd only stays 2 nights. It got more interesting as the story progressed. I just wish we would have heard more of her br...