Killer Kids: Volume 2: 22 Shocking True Cases Involving Kids Who Kill

Killer Kids: Volume 2: 22 Shocking True Cases Involving Kids Who Kill Details


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22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill, including;

Justina Morley: Self-described as a “cold-blooded, death-worshiping bitch,” Justina had a lot to live up to. She succeeded admirably.

Andrew Golden & Mitchell Johnson: The killing spree was carried out with near military precision. Amazingly, the shooters were just 11 and 13 years old.

John Any Bird Bell: The victim was just 12 years old and had his throat cut from ear to ear. His killer was barely two years older.

Christian Fernandez: A toddler is rushed to the ER with horrific head injuries that he will not survive. But who is responsible? Surely it couldn’t be his 12-year-old brother?

Santre Sanchez Gayle: The barely believable story of a 15-year-old hitman and a murder caught on CCTV.

Sheila Eddy & Rachel Shoaf: Two 16-year-old girls decide to get rid of an unwanted friend in this disturbing tale of teenaged friendship gone horribly wrong.

Billy Flynn: Billy has a crush on his high school teacher. How far will he go to win her affection? As far as murder?

Harold Jones: Accused but then acquitted of a brutal child murder, Harold Jones was welcomed back into the village like a conquering hero. Two weeks later he killed again.




Plus 14 more horrific true murder cases. Scroll up to grab a copy of Killer Kids Vol. 2.

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  • Elisabeth Brookshire

    Another winnerI read Keller's anthologies as soon as they come out. They never disappoint. He sprinkles both well known cases and obscure ones from all over the globe and different eras. Even the ones...

  • Beth Shuler

    As always well doneAs I said above very well done. I love reading Mr. Keller's books!! And I'm never disappointed. I can always count on an easy read and one that is also not like most true crime book...

  • Deirdre

    School shooters unfortunately have become terrifyingly commonplace. Often it is not a secret. The shooters post online, write in journals, or brag to friends about their intentions. In the past they w...

  • Bettye McKee

    Shocking and thought-provokingChildren can be cruel, as we all know. Even so, the savagery displayed by the children in these cases is astounding. The crime of Billy Flynn, who was manipulated by an a...

  • William Pond

    Good book with some little known cases of child killers from around the globe. The stories are all fairly short, around a few pages per chapter with each chapter dedicated to a killer(s), but they giv...

  • Lorraine

    AMAZING READ!!Killer Kids Volume 2 was a non-stop read!! Oddly enough, I remember quite a few of these... Sadly enough, there are worse kids, like these, out there doing violent crimes today......

  • Patricia Farmer

    Not all kids are angelsThese kids are truly bad to the bone. You would never think that a child would even consider, much less, actually do the things these kids did, but some do. ...

  • Suzanne

    A great read!!!I enjoyed this book because it has some child killers that I had never heard of with fascinating details. I would like to have seen more pictures though. I would recommend this book to ...

  • Cj Caudill

    This is a book of short stories about children who have murdered. This were either a 'see if I can get away with it' or simply evil kids. ...

  • Melissa

    Very good readVery well written. Well thought out short material. Easy readable material. Robert keller very well rounded writer. Knowledgeable writer. Worth it...