The Girls Across The Bay

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The first in a new mystery/thriller/suspense series by Emerald O'Brien.

A bond stronger than blood. A connection that could end it all.

Madigan Knox and Grace Sheppard became sisters the day they entered their foster home. After living through a childhood nightmare, one brave act set them free, but split them apart into different homes.
As adults, they are reunited in the small coastal town they dreamed of living in as children, but the reality of life in Tall Pines is far from what they had imagined.
When a woman is found dead​ in her home​, Madigan reports on the crime while Grace investigates. A dark connection to the victim is discovered, pulling them both closer to the crime and the traumatic past they are desperate to move on from.
With old wounds ripped open and dark secrets threatening their bond, the sisters must rely on each other more than ever before to survive.

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Title:The Girls Across The Bay
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    The Girls Across The Bay Reviews

  • Susan

    This was a great read. It was fast paced, and very exciting. I didn't figure out who the murderer was...It revolved are two young girls that were sent to the foster home from hell....Wow... looking fo...

  • Greta Cribbs

    I went back and forth a bit in deciding how to rate this book. I've finally decided on five stars because I realized that the little things I was getting hung up on while reading it were truly little ...

  • Coco.V

    ๐ŸŽ FREE on Amazon today (7/18/2019)! ๐ŸŽ ...

  • Karen

    This book has a good intricate plot. But I felt there wasn't enough differentiation between the two main characters. Grace and Madigan were too much alike. And the 'thoughts' after much of the action ...

  • Rachel Renee

    Sat on the edge of my seat until the very end! Great characters, the storyline and detective work were spot on. The story progressed throughout, giving us just enough to want more and I loved trying t...

  • Maureen Hetzel

    Many twists in this book. A key clue happens early but will it be noticed? Many family dynamics involved too which adds to the drama. A satisfactory read but in my estimation not As special as it coul...

  • Lynda Kelly

    Blimey, this was hard work !! Totally confusing and I gave up with it in the end at 28%. I hadn't realised till it was too late that I'd tried another book by this same author last year and again I ga...

  • Rosemary

    The Girls Across the Bay - a review by Rosemary KennyBook one in Emerald O'Brien's Knox and Sheppard series is The Girls Across the Bay, the fine, inspirational story of two girls who've become foster...

  • Laurie Buchanan

    THE GIRLS ACROSS THE BAY by Emerald O'Brien has an excellent red herring in the storyline that I didn't see coming until BAM! I'd been sideswiped. I love it when that happens. A great lineup of charac...

  • Todd McPencow

    An other great book my Emerald O'Brien. Great new characters, fast action and unpredictable. Can't wait until the 2nd book comes out. ...