Fire, Brimstone and Chocolate Cake

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Escape hell. Save the world. Simple, huh?

My name's Jynx. This morning I was a princess of hell.

Now I'm it's most wanted.

After a coup in hell, Lucifer's niece, Jynx Morningstar, is on the run with the king of hell in her back pocket (in handy stone doll form) and a hellcat with delusions of grandeur. To save her uncle and by extension, hell and the world above, Jynx must evade the legions of hell, master her human magic and track down her father: a healer witch.

Simple. Yeah, right....

What she doesn't expect is to walk into the middle of a shapeshifter/vampire turf war, a sexy as sin alpha werewolf who claims she's his one true mate, or to actually care what happens to the residents of small town, Boring.

But when Death comes a'knocking she must make a choice. Go big and reveal what she is, or go home and leave them to their fates... A demon would leave them in a heartbeat, but can Jynx rise above her demon blood and prove what a true princess of hell is made of?

Please note: contains high amounts of snark, an adorable werewolf looking for true love, a demon princess trying to avoid 'feelings' and a viking-wearing hellcat.

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Title:Fire, Brimstone and Chocolate Cake
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    Fire, Brimstone and Chocolate Cake Reviews

  • Monty Cupcake ? Queen of Bloodshed ?

    Fun with a badass & powerful female mc. ...

  • Sandee

    Fast and funny! Jynx, the Niece of Lucifer is sassy, snarky and smart. My favourite kind of hero. The author meets all my expectations with this genre which meant I couldn't put it down until it was f...

  • Monica

    Voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Part of the Magic and Meyhem series KW. I'm not too familiar with it but its on my list to read. I very much enjoyed this book. Another Mina great! I loved Jy...

  • Crystal Watson

    Spectacular absolutely Spectacular!! Now this is what I'm talking about. This is by far one of my favorite from this author and I've read all her books. I absolutely loved Jynx she's a kick butt mouth...

  • Ingrid Stephanie Jordan

    Fire, Brimstone and Chocolate Cake Magic and MayhemKindle Worlds Novella Release Date: #AlreadyReleasedAuthor: Mina CarterReviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Serial: Standalone, No Cliffhanger  #Vampir...

  • Lais

    Loved it! Sction packed novella with great characters.. i want a full novel!!...

  • Maryalice adrian

    a great story from one of my favorite authors. she never fails to take you for a ride that you never want to leave and are sad when it ends. i voluntary read and reviewed this book....

  • Aly is so frigging bored

    I tried picking it up again, but no luck. The writing style doesn't work for me *sigh*DNF 20%...

  • Rebecca Grove

    Jynx is the daughter of the demoness Lilith and a human wizard. She is raised in h#ll by her uncle Lucifer. She enjoys being a princess and a half demon but she doesn't exactly think of herself as evi...

  • Denise

    Jynx Morningstar Princess of Hell daughter of Lilith, father unknown at this time and niece of Lucifer or Lucy to his family is having a really bad day. Nabzon arc-duke and demon of hell has just pois...