The Light of All That Falls

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The Light of All That Falls concludes the epic adventure that began in The Shadow of What Was Lost, the acclaimed fantasy blockbuster from James Islington.

The Boundary is whole once again, but it may be too late.

Banes now stalk Andarra, while in Ilin Illan, the political machinations of a generation come to a head as Wirr's newfound ability forces his family's old enemies into action.

Imprisoned and alone in a strange land, Davian is pitted against the remaining Venerate as they work tirelessly to undo Asha's sacrifice - even as he struggles with what he has learned about the friend he chose to set free.

And Caeden, now facing the consequences of his centuries-old plan, must finally confront its reality - heartbroken at how it began, and devastated by how it must end.

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Title:The Light of All That Falls
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    The Light of All That Falls Reviews

  • James Lafayette Tivendale

    I have been looking forward to reading The Light of All That Falls ever since I finished An Echo of Things To Come and have been counting down the days until I could return to the world of Davian, Cae...

  • Nick T. Borrelli

    Before I begin my review, I'd first like to mention how absolutely thrilled I was to finally have this book in my hands. The Licanius Trilogy is one of my top 10 all-time fantasy series and in my opin...

  • Bradley

    Wow.I'm speechless.Okay, maybe not that speechless, but that doesn't mean I wasn't blown away by this final book in the Licanius Trilogy.I think I've said this before, but it bears repeating: This is ...

  • Clare Farrelly

    Wow, that trilogy was amazing! The ending got everything perfect and I couldn't be happier. Amazing characters and even though there is all this time travel it makes sense and can be followed. The who...

  • Deborah Obida

    Truth can be a burden, but secrets are poison. That was awesome. I'm glad I finally finished the series although I'll miss the characters. I need a novella in this world so badly, the whole thing wit...

  • Ivana Jacobsen

    FINALLY!!! Pre-ordered and now we wait :) What kind of a perverse creature you have to be to actually review a book that hasn't been published yet??!! Shame on you! Some of us out there have a rule ag...

  • Delaney Felix

    Review for The Light of All That Falls by James Islington Thank you so much to Orbit for sending me a copy of this to read and review! All opinions are my own. Trigger Warnings (TW): For violence, m...

  • Jordan

    I have no words. This was... honestly, perfect. I love this trilogy so much and it's still so underrated. I'm so satisfied and content with this ending, but I'm simultaneously devastated that this tri...

  • Vagabond of Letters

    5/5. Absolutely brilliant. This is the 'epic' of epic fantasy. There has been a slew of top-in-show novels recently. Alternately, the fact that I'm only reading continuing series and not utter gender-...

  • Gareth

    An exceptional conclusion to a terrific trilogy. The weaving of stories, fates, personalities, and outlooks was fantastic. The pain that Tal felt at different times, for different people, bled from th...