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The Bravo Team is targeted by a madman after one of their own intervenes in a rape. Little do they know this internationally well-respected banker is also a senior member of an organization long thought extinct, whose stated goals for a reshaped world are not only terrifying, but with today's globalization, totally achievable.

As the Bravo Team fights for its very survival, they are suspended, left adrift without their support network. To save themselves and their families, markers are called in, former members volunteer their services, favors are asked for past services, and the expertise of two professors, James Acton and his fiancée Laura Palmer, is requested.

It is a race around the globe to save what remains of the Bravo Team, abandoned by their government, alone in their mission, with only their friends to rely upon, as an organization over six centuries old works in the background to destroy them and all who help them, as it moves forward with plans that could see the world population decimated in an attempt to recreate Eden.

The Circle of Eight is the seventh installment in the internationally best selling James Acton Thrillers series. In The Circle of Eight J. Robert Kennedy, author of over a dozen international best sellers, is at his best, weaving a tale spanning centuries and delivering a taut thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from page one until the breathtaking conclusion.

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    The Circle of Eight Reviews

  • Lynn Vaughan

    LynnieThis was excited from the beginning to the end. Couldn’t put this down. Was up half the night reading and glued to the pages. There is action, surprises, comedy, laugh out load parts. Love the...

  • Wendy

    The Boys are BACK!!The Boys are back together and with the two Professors! Another fascinating and wild ride in multiple locations around the world and you have a front row seat for all of it! I loved...

  • Marcia

    Kennedy has another winnerJames Acton and Laurie manage to get themselves involved in many impossible Situations but the Delta team seems to come through battered and bruised but still going....

  • Linda Kaban

    Makes you wonder how many secret societies there are running around the world in robes. Good book....

  • Raymond Spooner

    Kennedy is able to keep the plot moving with plenty of surprises. Character development over the series has been exciting. ...

  • Michael V

    Another great read looking forward to the next book in the series. If you are a fan of plots that include persons and events weaved into current events then you will enjoy the Action series...

  • Lynsey Frayne

    another good book by Patterson however not one of the best. I enjoyed seeing how relationships continue to develop and the humour and banter within the delta team. I enjoyed how the story line tarted ...

  • Chaplain Stanley Chapin

    Another plusI have enjoyed reading this authors series of novels, they are imaginative and interesting. My main complaint is that the "good guys" go way beyond normal capabilities way to often....

  • Dennis

    This was another fun book in the James Acton series. I can't believe I just finished book #7 and am still enjoying the stories. There is a little bit of a formula to the books but the author manages t...

  • Bonnie Hunsaker

    Interesting Delta Force StoryGood action story. Delta Force exacting revenge for the death of a member. Blowing up places and cars but the real story is the family sticking together and winning...