Heather, Oak, and Olive: Three Stories

Heather, Oak, and Olive: Three Stories Details

These three dramatic stories show the author at her best, vividly bringing new life to ancient times

The Clan seized young Dara, son of the Irish raiders, for sacrifice to the Black Mother. But Nessan, the chief's daughter, pleaded for his life. The Mother took angry revenge, so again the Clan offered him as victim. And again Nessan interfered--heedless now of all costs.

Aracos still remembered the battle long past, yet he never joined the cavalrymen in recounting its events. One day the men thought they knew his secret: Had he won the Circlet of Oak Leaves, the highest award for bravery? Why was he silent?

New ton the great Games of the Olympiad, Amyntas and Leon were rivals and members of warring states. But they became close friends, even knowing that when the Games ended, they would never be able to meet again.

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Title:Heather, Oak, and Olive: Three Stories
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    Heather, Oak, and Olive: Three Stories Reviews

  • Joy C.

    "May both of us run a good race" - that line caught in my throat, just the raw and simple beauty in those few words echoing the Apostle Paul's words. Honestly a perfect read on the first day of the ye...

  • Mary

    Three short stories by a master storyteller. Interestingly, of two friends and I who read this book, each of us had a different favorite. Mine is the first, "Heather". As my sister said, this is one o...

  • SA

    God. Okay. If Sutcliff is a master craftsman, short stories are so clearly her glass case pieces. This collection of three short stories of young people from three different eras--pre-Roman Wales, Rom...

  • Sarah

    4.5 stars. Interesting and beautifully written stories....

  • Rebekah

    3.5. Liked the last story the best. ...

  • Jain

    Three unconnected short stories; I love one, am largely unimpressed by another, and don't know quite what to make of the third."A Crown of Wild Olive" (alternate title: "The Truce of the Games") is se...

  • Lory Hess

    See my full review at The Emerald City Book Review. his slim collection of three stories by Rosemary Sutcliff takes us to three different historical settings -- tribal Wales, Roman Britain, and ancien...

  • Hazel West

    As usual, another wonderful set of stories by Rosemary Sutcliff. I liked all of these stories quite a bit. I think I've come to enjoy her short fiction just as much as her novels. "The Chief's Daughte...

  • Sigrun

    The stories all have similar themes of friendship and sacrificing something for the good of that friend, even your life, if necessary....

  • Amanda McCrina

    Three short stories told with Sutcliff's characteristic achingly beautiful prose and keen sense of emotion. Enjoyed each story, but I think "A Crown of Wild Olive" was my favorite....